UnlockingThe Secrets To Creating Inner Peace

Nancy Dadami
6 min readAug 23, 2023

There are secrets to unlocking your inner peace. Today, we will examine one secret that helps you create the inner peace you need to flourish.

When I walked into the home office, it looked tidy. That is on the surface.

I opened the closet, and it was another story.

There were blank canvases, cut-out magazine images, an air purifier, empty notebooks, boxes of fabric for upcoming projects, a container of incense, binders with courses I have offered, candles, oracle card decks, Feng Shui remedy supplies, and a whole lot more.

I realized that even though my stuff was organized in labeled containers, that did not mean I had my things under control.

The Three to Five Second Rule

My friend, Sandy, asked me, “Can you find whatever you want in 3 to 5 seconds?”

I answered, “No.” Then she said, “You might have too much stuff.”

My first reaction was to tell myself that everything in the closet was essential to me and that I needed everything. It has a purpose; you never know when you need it.

The Secret to Creating More Inner Peace

Sandy was giving her home office a makeover, and I loved the photos she sent me of her progress.

This is what surprised me. After she was finished, she said, “I can’t believe the difference. It’s really peaceful in here.”

I wanted that peaceful feeling, too, when I was in my home office.

That’s when I realized that just because it looks tidy outside does not mean I am home-free.

The clutter in my closet impacted my feelings of peace, clarity, and well-being. Besides, I was still looking for what I wanted in 3 to 5 seconds.

I told Sandy I would clear the stuff in my closet and make my life easier, more fun, and more peaceful.

I wondered:

  • How do we collect so much stuff? What influences our buying decisions?



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