Here Is How To Check The Flow In Your Home & Why It’s Important

Nancy Dadami
3 min readJun 29, 2022
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Is your home organized with everything in its place?

Do you have too much stuff? Are your closets, drawers, or cabinets overflowing?

How about your garage? Is it a catch-all when you don’t know where else to put something?

Your surroundings matter. Your well-being, peace, prosperity, love, and health are influenced by the energy flow through your home.

Here is a way to check the flow in your home. Once you know this you can improve the flow and improve your life.

Today I have an idea to help you see the flow going through your space.

Flow is a Feng Shui Principle that will not be ignored. Yep, it can’t be ignored.

Imagine a river coming into your home at the front door (yes, stick with me here) The river brings the invisible life force energy into your home.

As the energy enters it begins to flow into each room in your home. Think of the banks of a river holding and guiding the river. The walls of your home are like the riverbanks guiding the flow of life force energy.

As the water flows in the river what happens to the flow when there is a boulder in the middle of the river? Or a stagnant pool on the edge of the river? Or a slow-moving, deep section of the river?

The flow goes around the boulder, passes the stagnant pool, and rests in the slow-moving deep section of the river. Flow is altered when it cannot flow freely.

Your home has boulders too.

Furniture blocks the flow when it is too big for the room or in the path of the flow (flow enters each room through the door).

Clutter blocks or slows down flow which translates to loss of money, health, love, and/or peace of mind.

Research shows that after 21 days we do not see our surroundings as they are. We get used to the papers on the table, messy counters, overflowing closets, or boxes stacked in a room.

When you don’t see how the life force flows in your space because you are used to it. Your home might be creating stress, loss of inner peace without you knowing it.



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