Here Is A Feng Shui Method To Adjust Chi Of Your Health

Nancy Dadami
4 min readJul 27, 2021
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Have you heard the saying “if you don’t have your health, nothing else matters”? There is nothing like a health problem to make taking care of yourself a priority.

Maybe you can relate to one of my Personal Growth Coaching clients who felt general discomfort in her body and confusion in her mind. She was worried this uneasiness would be a new way of life, and she did not want any part of that.

She practiced this Feng Shui method consistently to adjust her personal Chi and noticed her energy level improving, her thoughts became more positive. They increased her feelings of peace and well-being.

Do you know a Feng Shui method to move stuck chi/energy in your body to improve your health and well-being?

Would you practice a method for adjusting your chi for a minimum of 27 days? You can do this even if you are feeling great — it keeps your personal Chi uplifted and positive.

This method improves the flow of Chi/energy through your body, mind, and spirit.

“When you improve Chi flow your life changes”.

How does this Chi adjusting method work?

Imagine Chi flowing in your body as water flows in a river. The river banks guide the flow of water on straight paths, around bends, and over rocks. Now add some big boulders to the water, and the river flows around them. The flow may pick up speed and go faster around those boulders or slow down so much that a stagnant area is formed. Slow-moving or stagnant waters have minimal flow resulting in unhealthy water.

If the river has a fallen tree across it, the blockage slows down the flow or stops it completely—the slow flow results in unhealthy water.

When the flow is restricted, the health of the river is impacted.

Imagine Chi flows through your body as the water flows in a river. When the flow of Chi is restricted in your body, mind, or spirit, your health is impacted. Slow-moving Chi in you may lead to health problems.



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