Create Resilience, Connection, And Community

Nancy Dadami
4 min readApr 10, 2024
Nancy Dadami ~ Create Resilience, Connection, And Community

Participating in a Red Thread Circle can create resilience, connection, and community.

A Red Thread Circle is a gathering of people who believe connection, support, and community are essential for happiness and well-being in life and business.

The Red Thread offers an opportunity to live intentionally. Participants are motivated to share personal stories about the hidden world within and our lives in the world.

The teaching of the Red Thread invites us to imagine ourselves as leaders and guides right now, saying yes to causing and creating our lives in gentle yet potent ways.

The Red Thread is a part of different cultural traditions, rituals, and wisdom worldwide.

One “Red Thread” theme comes from Asian traditions. “Those who are supposed to meet are connected by an invisible red thread since before birth. That thread will stretch or tangle but will not break. It will lead you until you are face to face with the person.” We are destined to meet.

Another theme is “The Red Thread can be a symbol of quantum connection for when we say, I am sending you my love, energy moves across space and time to make it so.

These are the Red Thread themes we connect with in our Red Thread Circles.



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