5 Communication Styles: Do You Know Who You Are Dealing With?

Nancy Dadami
8 min readApr 28, 2024
Nancy Dadami ~ 5 Communication Styles: Do You Know Who You Are Dealing With?

Each of us has many roles in life. You may be an artist, parent, significant other, friend, entrepreneur, healer, or lover of life. When you know the five communication styles, you can identify your style and the style of the people you are dealing with.

Robin envied her friend. The other woman was an entrepreneur, and new opportunities came her way daily. The same friend also had a fulfilling marriage, close relationships with her children, and friends who adored her and supported her no matter what.

One day, Robin asked her friend what her secret was. How had she accomplished so much in her business and life? How had she managed to develop and sustain close relationships?

Her friend’s answer surprised her. She told Robin that she worked continuously on strengthening her communication skills.

While you may not realize it, how you communicate affects every area of your life. From your business to your family relationships and friendships, communication is something you’re constantly doing.

Yet many people aren’t good at communicating. They use harmful communication traits without even realizing it.

There are five basic communication approaches, and understanding them can be incredibly helpful in improving your…



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