10 Chinese New Year Secrets to Good Fortune

Nancy Dadami
4 min readJan 26, 2021

Alice had a difficult year last year filled with fear for her health, anger about not being able to see her family, and general negativity about her finances.

This year she has dreams of better days, fun with family and friends, vibrant health, and an income that sustains her without worry.

Alice knows her thoughts and words influence the energy flow within her and around her. When she thinks negative thoughts she notices that more negative experiences find their way to her and she notices when she focuses on positive thoughts more happiness finds her.

She wants to do everything she can to create a new year filled with opportunities, social gatherings, financial freedom, and peace of mind.

Chinese New Year is a great time to set the energy flow within you and around you for a year filled with good fortune.

Reflect on your past year. What happened? What do you want to transform this year? Start to imagine how the possibilities this year are different. Put on your best positive mindset and let yourself dream of the year you want to create.

When the energy in your home is not aligned with your desires it can be overwhelming. If the energy in your home is negative or stagnant it will impact all areas of your life including your peace of mind. wealth, passion, health, and your good fortune.

The energy within you also influences your mindset, health, and good fortune. What do you do for yourself that uplifts you? Do you spend time in nature, move your body, eat healthy foods, or meditate?

Chinese New Year brings an opportunity for a new beginning, the time is ripe for change.

This year Chinese New Year begins on February 12th. In addition to choosing positive thoughts, you can prepare by implementing the Chinese New Year secrets below.

It is believed that what you do on New Year’s Day sets the tone for your entire year. Do you want happiness, prosperity, good health, and peace of mind? Then it is time to do something that makes you feel that way on February 12th. Spend time in nature…



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